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Vajra Body Fitness is your one stop shop for all things strength, mobility, conditioning, breathwork, and meditation. I currently virtually train and create customized fitness programs for people all over the world as well serving as a wellness consultant for major corporations. 

I additionally offer in person training at my private studio just outside of Philadelphia.  

What People Say


Hands down the best trainer I’ve ever had. Neil’s personalization and attention to detail are incredible. I have been training with Neil through multiple stages of my life (pre- wedding —> post baby and everything in between) and my body, training needs, and injuries have certainly changed/evolved - Neil has always been able to customize a program specifically for me- pretty much instantly and even over zoom. On a personal level just an awesome guy with such an easy and encouraging personality. Would recommend Neil over and over ANYONE. Thanks buddy- I always look forward to our sessions for a great workout and good conversation.


Neil is world-class. I shopped around for trainers thinking I'd choose someone local to me who I could see in-person. But Neil was above and beyond better than all other options. He's excellent at listening to my exercise goals, but he is also sensitive, kind, and fun to work out with. Exercise made me extremely anxious and he has been so good at challenging me without pushing me too hard. I feel stronger than ever and supported in learning to exercise on my own. While I imagine Neil is able to work with people whatever their goals may be, I especially recommend him to anyone who has a fraught relationship with exercise. I just can't imagine anyone better for the job.


It's impossible to overstate how much my work with Neil means to me, in addition to the postive changes our work has meant to my body. A friend referred me to Neil saying Neil could fix a lot of the imbalances and problems I was dealing with after spending more time riding bikes than picking up weights or stretching. The results speak for themselves, I'm stronger and in less pain than I ever was. But more than that, Neil's guidance, care, and endless motivation and positivity have completely reshaped how I think about myself, my body, and where the two intersect. We've been at it for a few years now (trust the process) and I feel better in my skin than I have since I was a toddler or some tiny flexible youngster like that.


Five stars is not nearly enough appreciation for Neil. He is educated well beyond his certifications, and his knowledge about the body (and not just the physical body) supersedes that of most every other health & wellness practitioner I've worked with. Neil has changed the entire way I approach my physical (and to a large degree my mental) wellbeing. This has resulted in me being holistically stronger than ever before in my life. Neil is genuinely committed to my success, but also 100% mindful and aware of making expert decisions about my program that will keep my body safe from injury. Neil will have to quit or retire before I will stop working with him!

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