Who am I?

My name is Neil Roberts. I'm a strength and movement coach, founder of Vajra Body Fitness and Innerspace Corporate Wellness. I primarily teach out of my private studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Teaching others to feel better through improving their movement competence, strength, and resilience is my passion. Over the past fourteen years, I've worked as a private trainer in the New York City area.


Strength and Movement Coaching

Your body was meant to move well and be strong - we started off that way. Look at four-year-olds on a playground. They climb, hang, sprint, crawl, squat and play. Yet, at some point along the way, a majority of us lose these natural movement abilities. Abilities that could otherwise give you the body you would be truly happy with. This is where I come in. I help my clients restore their lost strength and movement. Through my own personal experience and that of my clients, I have seen first hand that strength training improves your health in myriad ways. It reduces body fat, elevates mood, prevents injury and builds an efficient body through increasing physical performance. Movement is at the very core of our growth and development and remains crucial for vitality throughout life. Movement also happens to be one of the most potent preventative medicines in the world. Improving relative strength while teaching more efficient movement forms the basis of the Vajra Body approach.



During an initial meeting we discuss your goals and I screen for asymmetries, weakness, and imbalances. Based on customized progressions, I deliberately train my clients on the path to creating their own sustainable healthy lifestyle.


Lack of activity destroys the good condition of every human being, while movement and methodical physical exercise save it and preserve it.   


Every workout I design will train the entire body, addressing mobility, balance and coordination through strength training, body awareness and breathing exercises. Everything in the body is interconnected; because of this you will find very few traditional isolated movements in my approach. Instead we practice, train, and progress movement patterns, not muscles. Working privately with a coach will help teach you everything you need to know for long-term success.

What does "Vajra" mean?

Vajra is a Sanskrit word for a weapon symbolizing compassion, skilful means, and indestructibility. I felt this word encompassed all that I wanted to create and inspire in the bodies and minds of my clients. Taking care of your body is one of the most compassionate actions you can do for yourself, while a custom tailored workout program is a skillful method for accomplishing your goals.


Vajra Body Gym Brooklyn

In January 2015 I opened my own private training studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. My intention was to curate a space filled with the essential tools to get anyone I encounter stronger and moving better. I feature the best functional training tools on the market including: kettlebells, The Ultimate Sandbag, TRX Suspension Training, ViPR, and Sandbells.



I hold a B.F.A. in Theater from Syracuse University where I also studied exercise science and kinesiology. I have a variety of fitness certifications including: Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist, Level 2 Dynamic Variable Resistance Training, and Functional Movement Screen.  I have also been practicing, and studying mindfulness meditation for 11 years and I’m a certified mindfulness instructor. I am student at heart,  and when I'm not working with clients I am apprenticing  some of the brightest minds in the fitness, health and wellness industries. I am always actively exploring and seeking out new ways to improve and expand the quality and the impact of the services I provide to my clients.